E3372-bash.gitAutomate E3372 hilink LTE modem using bash and huawei web api 3 weeks
acmespb-py.gitself-hosted web application for searching drugs in pharmacies of Saint Petersbur...8 weeks
alsa-volume-monitor.gitC program that listens to ALSA events and emits DBus signals. For AwesomeWM volu...5 years
android-sms-65-to-64-workaround.git 5 years
apple-efi-dump-verbs.githelps making something meaningful out of 0E8028EB-7594-4EB3-B3C9-13ADAD2EA35A an...14 months
awesome-cyclefocus-fork.gita fork of with more useful design 3 years
bootstrap-5-autocomplete.gitautocomplete/typeahead js plugin for bootstrap v5 2 months
compare-vk-messenger-bundles.gita tool that helps to find changes between VK Desktop Messenger builds 2 months
coreboot.gitmy copy of coreboot 2 months
drm_master_util.gitsuid program that helps to implement a workaround for using modesetting driver u...18 months
dumpbits.git5 months
e3372-sms-handler.gite3372 sms handler 3 weeks
electron-ppapi-example.gitsome silly example of opengl ppapi electron plugin usage and building on linux, ...3 years
emojiexport.gitmacOS app written in Objective-C to export emojis from system fonts to individua...2 months
get_macbook_ramcfg.gitget MacBook Pro 10,1 RAM configuration from inteltool -g dump 8 weeks
gravitydefied.gitandroid port of a classic J2ME game 6 years
intelgpio.gitread gpios on some intel chipsets 2 months
inverter-bot.gitsimple telegram bot for querying infinisolar inverter. is supposed to be install...8 weeks
isv.gitlinux utility for controlling Voltronic InfiniSolar V hybrid solar inverters 5 months
it2gpio.gitinteltool -g dump to gpio values 2 months
jobd.gitjob queue daemon 2 weeks
mitmproxy-mqtt-script.gitInspect MQTT over TLS traffic with ease 8 weeks icns bundle from a single png image 7 weeks
mmga.gitscript for flashing coreboot on some MacBooks without using external SPI program...4 weeks
mojave-permissions.gitnode.js native addon for checking and requesting media permissions on macos 8 months
ngx-auth-module.gitnginx module for authorized file access 10 months
node-vk-flex.gitnative node.js addon for declension of Russian and Ukrainian names 5 years
peerflix-deadbeef.gituse peerflix to listen to music from torrents in deadbeef 5 months
permute-py.git5 months
php-fastdns.gitFastVPS DNS API PHP Client 7 weeks
php-jobd-client.gitPHP client for jobd 4 weeks
php-router.gitfast and simple production tested php router 22 months
pmh7tool.gita tool to read, write, dump PMH7 registers 23 months
pulse-volume-monitor.gitC program that listens to PulseAudio events and emits DBus signals. For AwesomeW...3 years
shiki-colors-revival.gitUp to date Shiki Colors GTK2 theme, based off Numix 3 years
sketchtrial.githack and make the trial never end 18 months
smctool.gitlinux userspace tool to read Apple SMC keys 23 months
swap_workspaces.gitswap windows between workspaces on linux 6 weeks
tabbed-renametab-mod.gitpatch for suckless 'tabbed' utility with rename functionality (see the 'renameta...3 years
tablocation.gitfirefox XUL addon, see screenshots 5 years
thinkpad-bios-software-flashing-guide.gitflashing coreboot on thinkpads without external programmer 8 weeks
triumfalno.gitmaterials from 'The Rostov Ciphers' ARG thread in /sn/ on in 2015 4 years
vim-vendetta.gitdark colorscheme for vim 6 years
vk-messages-post-archive.giteasily grab all your vk chat history with attachments 2 months
vkflex-php.gitphp native plugin for declention of Russian and Ukrainian names 4 years
vkpc-linux.git 6 years
vkpc-mac.git 6 years
voidnsrun.gitrun glibc binaries in musl libc Void Linux environment 7 weeks
winutils.gitnative node.js addon, exports some useful functions for win32 platform, written ...2 years
write-intel-brightness.gitscript to control screen brightness on ThinkPads with modified PWM frequency 22 months